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All I Want lyrics


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     All I Want
    >> Offspring
        ya, ya, ya, ya, ya

    Day after day
    Your home life's a wreck
    The powers that be just breathe down your neck
    You get no respect
    You get no relief
    You gotta speak up and yell out your peace


    So back off your rules
    Back off your jive
    Cause I'm sick of not living
    To stay alive
    Leave me alone
    I'm not asking a lot
    Just don't want to be controlled
    It's all I want
    It's all I want
    It's all I want
    It's all I want

    ya, ya, ya, ya, ya

    How many times is it gonna take
    Til someone around you hears what you say
    You've tried being cool
    You feel like a lie
    You've played by the rules
    Now it's their turn to try


    I've said it before
    I'll say it again
    If you could just listen
    then it might make sense


    Ya, Ya, Ya, Ya, Ya
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